Time Waste Things That New Bloggers Do

Here I am listing some time-wasting things that most of the bloggers do while starting their blogging journey including me. If you want to avoid them then avoid right now because in anyhow in the future you will know that they don’t add any value to your blog.

  1. Blog Design: Theme is very important for every blog, but never go crazy about your blog theme. Ther are so many top blogs they use simple blog themes. If you have money then go for a premium theme. Because you can design it as you want. If you use free themes then you have to change it regularly whenever you need a new feature or you have to upload several plugins. My favorite premium themes are Generatepress, Astra, Schema. Free themes are Iconic One & MH Magazine.
  1. Fonts: Changing fonts is one of the major time-consuming factors for new bloggers. Always go for simple fonts like Arial, Segoe, Helvetica, and Georgia. If you want to use Google fonts then go for Open Sans, Roboto, Source Sans Pro or Lato. But remember Google fonts will reduce your site loading speed.
  2. Back Links: The first thing that comes to our mind to rank a keyword is backlinks. As a new blogger your primary focus should be writing good content, if you have good content automatically you will get backlinks. Don’t waste your time on backlinking strategies like directory submissions, comments backlinks, email pitching, PBN links, etc. They are a waste of time. Still, if your keyword needs backlinks then start guest posting only.
  3. SEO Tools: Don’t spend your money on SEO tools while starting your blog. Just use Google suggestions as keywords and I promise that no Key word tool is better than Google Search suggestions. In the future, if you want to find your competitor’s keywords then you can use tools like Ahrefs, SEMRUSH or Ubersuggest. Ahrefs is my favorite and Uber Suggest is cost-effective.
  4. SEO Score: As a new blogger, we feel happy when we see green color in SEO plugins but it doesn’t matter at all. If you write good content that helps to the reader then automatically your article will be ranked in a good position in search results. Because when we write a good content it will automatically covers other LSI keywords, which google easily identifies.

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