How to Use Ahrefs to Find Competitors Keywords

Ahrefs Competitors Keywords Research

We all do keyword research in different ways, among all these ways finding keywords from competitors websites is one of the most effective ways to find some profitable keywords. Because those are the keywords which are already bringing some traffic to your competitor blogs.

So by working on such keywords of your competitors, you may share some traffic of their blogs and websites. Here Ahrefs plays an important role and which makes your work easier.

Ahrefs is one of the best tools which give an accurate value of the keyword difficulty, the volume of the keyword and the amount of traffic that keyword is driving, etc.

Now we will see how to find some best keywords of your competitor website using Ahrefs site explorer option.

Finding Competitors Keywords Using Ahrefs

Step 1:- Login to your Ahrefs account and go to site explorer option.

Step 2:- Identify your competitor website or page for which you want to find keywords. You can put your domain name in Ahrefs site explorer option to find all your competitors.

Type your domain name in Ahrefs site explorer  – Now in overview click on organic research – now on the right-hand side, you can find the list of all your competitor blogs

Ahrefs Competitors

Step 3:- Now you know the top 10 competitors of your site, now enter each domain name in site explorer search bar. If you know your competitors already then you can enter their domain names directly in site explorer search bar or you can find the direct option to view an overview of that domain

Ahrefs Competitors Keywords Finding

Now you can find the domain rating, number of backlinks, number of organic keywords and organic traffic that website is getting. Now click on Organic Keywords find the top keywords of that website.

How to do keyword research in Ahrefs

Step 4:- Now you can find the list of all the top keywords that the website is getting in country wise. You can also filter the keywords based on the position, volume, keyword difficulty (KD), CPC, traffic, word count and search features.

How to do keyword research using Ahrefs

See how Ahrefs made your work easier in finding your competitor keywords, now you have to write better content than your competitor for that keyword.

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