How to Copyright a Video On Youtube If Someone Upload It Without Your Permission

This is the most common problem for every Youtuber that some people download the original videos of the Youtubers and upload them on their Youtube channels. As per my knowledge, serious YouTubers will not do this kind of activities but the nonserious YouTubers and new Youtubers who doesn’t have much knowledge about youtube policies will do this kind of activity.

So what to do if someone uploaded your video on their Youtube channel? Thanks to Youtube technology, if anybody uploads your video which is either full video or part of your video or music then you will get that notification in your Youtube studio dashboard under the copyright option, there you can find a removal request option.

If your video matches then it will be visible in the matches section.

If you find somebody copied your video on their youtube channel then follow this process to remove it from their channel.

Step 1: Open the copyright option in the Youtube dashboard and select the video that you find in matches.

Step 2: Now click on request removal option, now a new window will open there you need to enter some information.

Step 3: Select affected party as myself or my company and relationship to copyrighted content as owner. And mention other details like your name, address, mobile number, email ids, etc.

Step 4: Now come to the removal options and agreements part. If you want to give a 7-day notice then select the schedule option or if you want to make it remove without notice then select the standard option.

Step 5: Finally tick all legal agreement boxes and mention your name in the signature field and submit the removal request.

Once you submit the request then you will receive a copyright infringement notification confirmation mail from youtube and if everything is fine then Youtube will delete that video from the copied channel.

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