How Much Can You Earn From Amazon Affiliate Marketing in India in 2020

There is no limit for earnings in Amazon affiliate, you can earn as much as you can. There are some bloggers and YouTubers are making some thousands to lakhs through the amazon affiliate program. The amount which you can make depends on your capability of attracting traffic to your Amazon affiliate link, you can do it through blogs, youtube, or other social media platforms.

One of my blogs which is related to Two-wheeler parts is earning 2000 Rs every month by selling affiliate products of Amazon. I have written 18 articles in that blog long back (almost 2 years before). But till today it is making 2000 Rs – 3000 Rs every month.

how much we can earn from amazon affiliate in india

This is how much I made with that blog through amazon affiliate marketing…

Whatever the amount which I am earning through amazon affiliate marketing is pea nuts when compared with some popular affiliate marketers in India. But as a started it can motivate you.

But the minimum payout in the amazon affiliate program is 1000 Rs in India. So if you are planning to start Amazon affiliate marketing then you need to make at least 1000 Rs to receive the payment of that month. If the amount is below 1000 Rs then those earnings will be carry forwarded to the next month’s earnings.

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