How Many Pageviews or Traffic Per Month Do You Need for Adsense

Adsense is one of the main income sources for most of the bloggers around the world. If you are new to the blogging field and want to start making money with Adsense then the first question which arises in your mind is how many pageviews do I need for Adsense approval.

The answer is there is no need for traffic to get Adsense approval. If your blog has unique content i.e the content which was never copied from anywhere and if your blog consists pages like home, about us, contact, disclaimer, and privacy policy then your blog will definitely get AdSense approval even with Zero page views also.

Here are some tips for Adsense approval

How Many Pageviews or Traffic Per Month Do You Need for Adsense


  1. Write at least 15 posts with more than 500 words. Write these 15 articles in 4 categories and each category should maintain at least 3 articles & don’t let any category empty.
  2. Use a simple theme. My favorite themes for Adsense approval Generate Press, Astra, Iconic One, MH Magazine, Schema Etc.
  3. Don’t use images from Google. Try to use your own images taken by your camera or you can download copyright images form ( There are so many other websites but I like and it is free)
  4. Don’t worry if you fail to get AdSense approval in the first attempt, try to make some modifications as per the email received from Adsense team and reapply for Adsense after 7 days. ( People say you need to wait for months to reapply for Adsense but as per my experience it is not that mandatory)
  5. Make sure your blog consists of pages like About us, Contact, Disclaimer, and Privacy policy. Best way to write these pages is by getting inspiration from your competitor blogs. I am not saying copy their content just rewrite their content in your own words.

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