How Many Page Views Do You Need for Adsense Approval

Well, Finally you have created your first blog and you have written some number of good articles and now you decided to monetize your blog by applying for Adsense. But before applying for Adsense there is a question arisen in your mind that my new blog is not getting traffic so will I get Adsense approval or not. Every blogger during their beginning journey will definitely get this doubt.

Here we will know how much traffic you need to get Adsense approval for your blog and what are the other requirements to get Adsense approval fast.

There is no traffic limit to get Adsense approval, you can get Adsense approval for a blog with Zero traffic also, but your blog should fulfill the guidelines of Adsense terms and conditions. I have seen so many blogs of my friends, they got Adsense approval with Zero search traffic but they maintained good article quality.

To say frankly enabling Adsense ads in a blog with Zero traffic will not make any benefit to the blog owner, yes that is 100% right.

But in reality for every new blogger getting Adsense approval and seeing ads for the first time in their blog is a great motivational factor, which makes them work harder and soon they will achieve the results.

Main Requirements for Getting Adsense Approval Fast

1. Article Length

Yes, the length of the article will play an important role in getting Adsense approval. Not only for Adsense approval even for ranking in search engine also the length of the post is important.

You need a minimum of 500 words in your post to get Adsense approval, the number of words makes your Adsense approval process easier.

As per the search engine journal, the average number of words in a page that ranks in first place in Google is 1900 words. So Now you can decide the length of your blog post.

2. About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer & Privacy Policy Pages

Every blog should need to have pages like About us, contact, disclaimer and privacy policy pages for Adsense approval. Without these pages, it is impossible to get Adsense approval for your blog.

3. Blog Design

Your blog should look simple and clean, and don’t use any complex themes. There is no need to have only premium WordPress themes for Adsense approval, even with free themes also your blog can get Adsense approval. But your blog should have proper navigation and clean design. 

Here are some free WordPress themes which I recommend for Adsense approval, they are Generate press, Astra, Iconic One, MH Magazine theme, Ribbon Lite, and Colour Mag. All these themes look simple, lightweight and free.

4. Number of Articles

There is no particular number of articles for getting Adsense approval, but it is better to have at least 15-30 posts. If your articles are above 1000 words then 15 articles are enough otherwise you need to increase the number of articles in your blog.

And don’t forget to have at least Three articles in each category. If any of your categories don’t contain articles then your Adsense application will be rejected.

Myths About Adsense Approval Process

Does My Blog Need to Complete Six Months for Adsense Approval

No, there is no such thing in Adsense terms and conditions, Even blog with 3-4 days of age are also getting Adsense approval. So focus on the quality of the content, not on the age of the blog.

Do I Need to Wait for Months to Reapply for Adsense In case It was Rejected

There is no need to wait for months and at the same time it is not advisable to reapply for Adsense immediately, take 2-3 days time and correct the problem which has observed for Adsense rejection and after all the corrections you can reapply for Adsense.

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