Google Algorithm Update December 2020 | What I Noticed

As you all know the December 2020 update of Google has hit most of the websites. Some blogs got improvement in traffic and some blogs are affected negatively with this update. 

Till now nobody knows what Google has changed exactly with this update but still it has impacted many sites. 

Here are the traffic screenshots of some of my blogs in the last 60 days.

Site Affected Negatively with the Latest Update

Site Not Affected

What I Observed in in Google 2020 Algorithm Update

1. Sites Which Update Content Regularly Got Better Rankings

In the above images one site which is updating regularly with at least 1-2  articles per week was not affected and traffic remained constant. And the other one which has not been updated for months  is affected negatively.

Even Though you write evergreen articles in your blog, still you need to update it with new articles on a regular basis.

2. Authority Matters

Google is giving preference to the sites which have more authority than normal sites. You can take any niche. Even Though the exact keywords are not present, still so many articles of big sites are occupying the first position in Google SERP results.

So build authority for your blog. You can create authority by giving services related to your niche, or start selling ebooks or create a Youtube channel for your blog with the same brand name.

3. Backlinks Not a Big Matter

I am not saying Backlinks are not important, but there are so many articles which are getting good traffic even without a single backlink. Sometimes domain authority plays an important role in ranking an article without backlinks.

If you write a good content then you will get backlinks without your involvement. So instead of focusing on creating backlinks focus on creating quality content.

(Still if you want to create backlinks then guest posting is the best way.)

4. Focus on Solving the Problem

Whenever your blog post solves the problem of the visitor and if he doesn’t visit another site for the same query, then sure your post will be promoted to the better position.

So always try to give a solution to the problem of the visitor so that there is no need to visit another site.

Try to give an answer for the query in the first Two paragraphs of the articles. In remaining  content you can explain in an elaborated way.

So these are some changes I noticed in Google 2020 SEO update. And Do let me know if you have noticed any other changes with this update.

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