Can I Use Amazon Product Images on My Affiliate Website

The simple and straight forward answer to this question is yes, you can use amazon product images on your affiliate website. For affiliate bloggers, amazon has given a wonderful option to insert product images in your blog posts by copying the code of the image in the image option in site stripe. But don’t copy and paste images directly on your blog or website.

Amazon is giving a direct way to insert images on your affiliate blogs by copying their codes in site stripe then why should we risk our affiliate account by copying the product images which belong to individual sellers.

Until we write good reviews about their products everything will be fine, but if we write anything negative and the seller wants to take revenge then they can put our affiliate account at risk by contacting the amazon team. Maybe the chances very less but why should we open doors for it when we have a legit way to insert amazon images in our affiliate websites.

How to Insert Amazon Products Images on Affiliate Websites

Step 1: Login in your Amazon account with your amazon affiliate account email id and password.

Step 2: Now select the product which you want to promote.

Step 3: Once you click on the product, then you will see the site stripe option on top right-hand side of the amazon dashboard.

Step 4: Now choose image option, and select the size small, medium or large.

Step 5: After selecting the image size copy the code and paste it in your WordPress post or page in custom HTML block and click on the preview to view the image.’

How to Resize Amazon Affiliate Stripe Images

If you are not satisfied with the image size of the amazon product then you can increase or decrease the image size. For that identify this part of your image code lie SL110, SL160, SL250, and replace the size with your desired image size. ( you can consider size in pixels)

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  1. can I use a product image from the comment section of amazon in the blog for affiliate marketing. there are a lot of people who click the photo of the product and put it in the review/comment section. what if i take images from those places and paste them into my blog post will I still be getting strick/ban?. Please please please please replyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


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