AdSense Payment Not Received in SBI | What to Do

In general Adsense, the amount is credited into the bank accounts of SBI account holders within 2-3 days (when there are no bank holidays) from the date of receiving payment mail from the AdSense.

But some times the account holders don’t receive the amount due to some technical problems, here you can know about them.

Reasons for Not Receiving Payment in SBI

The main reason for not receiving the Adsense amount in bank accounts is the wrong SWIFT code. Whenever you give the wrong SWIFT code in your AdSense payment details then you will don’t receive the Adsense amount in your bank account.

Here are the top 2 reasons due to which you don’t receive your Adsense amount in your bank account.,

1. Wrong SWIFT Code

SWIFT code is important to receive payments from Adsense, without SWIFT code or wrong SWIFT code makes you not receive your Adsense amount in your bank account.

So first check whether you have given the correct  SWIFT code or not, if your branch doesn’t have a SWIFT code then you can use SWIFT code of any other branch of your bank.

My personal experience: I used to receive my AdSense amount from one of my blogs every month without any problem, but for one month the amount was not credited even after 1 week.

Then I visited the SBI branch of which I have given the SWIFT code. Then the forex department of the SBI branch told me that their SWIFT code has become invalid so use any other branch’s SWIFT code.

Fortunately, my Adsense money returned to my AdSense account after 1 week, and by changing bank account details my amount credited to my SBI account in just 3 days.

( Whenever you give the SWIFT code of other SBI branch, then you have to visit that branch first to know the problem, not your own branch where you have account)

2. Submit a Form to Recieve International Payments

Some banks ask you to submit a form to credit the international payments. In general State bank of India doesn’t ask you to fill such kind of forms.

But it is better to check with the forex exchange department of your state bank of India’s branch.

“Finally when the Adsense amount doesn’t credit in your bank account, then visit the forex exchange department of your and show them the payment receipt, then they will definitely help you in getting your AdSense amount.”

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